How we work



Once both the parties, IV constructions and client are agreed with the contract, our team will ensure the all the planning and paperwork are done according to your specifications. Then all necessary equipment is scheduled according to the requirement.


We know the importance of keeping you in touch with your construction progress at all times, which is why our representative (the project manager) will provide proper reporting of your build.


Our building control authority representative will take care of all the local authority and standard building rules and regulations for your construction. As we know the importance of permission of building in any area.


We make sure all your work is done with the finest trade specialists to ensure your construction is finished to the highest of standards. From staircase joiners to plumbers and bricklayers to electricians, only the best is provided.


    Beams and flooring are installed


    Roof built and Dormers fitted


    Internal decoration

  • 2 WEEKS

    Link between the loft and home


    Plumbing, electrics, carpentry and final inspection


1st Week

Once all the measurements are done like roof opening, scaffolding are complete. The crane is been installed in place to lift on the scaffolding. Plus flooring and beams are installed.

2nd Week

We start your work in the 2 weeks by building your dormers. As we know and understand the inconvenience that you and your home face so we keep its absolute minimum.

3rd Week

By the 3 week we will be focusing on the completion of the dormers and window/s. The roof could be under construction at this point of time, but it will be started.

4rth Week

By this 4 week we will have completed the dormers and roof and with this we make sure that all the external works are of highest standards. As we aim to finish the windows in this week as well.

5th Week

Week 5 is for the link between the loft and your home! We are going to cut an access hole in this week in the ceiling and will beautifully crafted staircase will be installed.

6th Week

We switch our focus in this week to commencing the decoration of your build. Starting with plastering the walls and preparing it for the required decoration which you have asked for.

7th Week

After the completion of plastering and decoration of the walls in the hallways and other rooms, we start focusing on the second fix like electrics, plumbing and carpentry if required.

8th Week

Our team of professional’s plumbers, electricians, carpenters continues on focusing on further work that is required to complete your build. Client’s satisfaction is our number 1 priority.

9th Week

After the completion of your building, we put out quality assurance team on inspection and snagging list to makes sure that any fault are rectified. As with this it’s now your time to enjoy your new build.