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Here are the 5 benefits of extending your home:

1. Add extra space to your home by improving rather than moving

Moving from one place to another is not an easy job, you have a lot of things settled at the place in which you have spent a lot of years. With your office nearby and your children’s school not far away, with good neighbor’s, Then why leaving all these facilities and changing your life style. Rather than this you can always have a conversion or extensions which makes perfect sense, whether you need an additional bath to meet the needs or for a growing family, an nice looking office or just want a bit space to yourself, we are here to help you.

2. Potential to increase the value of your home

We hear this a lot by people that their property value has increased up to £50,000 by converting a loft conversion or by adding an extension. One of our client from Syndey, the addition of bathroom and two bedrooms made the property jump up to £80,000 to £170,000. The total cost was around £45,000. These figures illustrative and can only be checked by an estate agent about the possible pay off.

Potential to increase
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3. Converting unused space or adding an extension is quicker than other renovations

We have a team of professional who are specialist in loft conversion and extensions and will work to complete your project quickly and least disruption.

4. In many cases, no planning permission is required

We can handle all sorts of permission from the local building authority—as we will ensure all the requirements of yours are met.

In many cases no planning permission is required
Unexpected benefits

5. Unexpected benefits

Looking to rent out your room which is of no use? Convert it into your own office for your business, we can design an elegant and practical office in your loft. Even if you are looking to rent it to a tenant we can set up a loft stairs from outside.



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