Health and safety is the most important factor in our policy, we follow our health and safety rules strictly.

  • If your home was built before 2000, then there is chance that it might be asbestos. We check on this first through a complete asbestos survey which will show the actual requirement which will be confirmed by a licensed contractor before we start our work.
  • Electricity supplies are checked before starting up the construction process and will be turned off while working near to the existing cables.
  • We plan your build according to your requirements and all the structural and propping systems are accurately planned and installed properly.
  • We make sure Gas safety registered engineers remove or alter a flue, all the gas appliance are disconnected.

Generally the timbers of the roofs don’t stay as strong as it should be and will not be able to support the new floor, so we provide new timber work and most often, steelwork will be installed as the span is normally too much for the timber existing placed. It’s our promise to provide roof are built correctly so they don’t affect the roof’s structure.


We provide proper housekeeping services to our clients as we people believe in practices of ensure the safety of the products in your homes, we will be working on your conversion for a considerable amount of time so we have to keep your things safely.

    • We keep the working area, stairs and walkways clear of obstructions so we can work freely and we don’t place any rubbish, training cables and materials in the walkway.
    • We create spaces and skips so that we can easily fill and collect safely all the products.
    • If we need to clear an area we just don’t throw things out from the scaffold or loft, we have chute to skip maximum health and safety.
    • We ensure cleanliness to your property as we explain every individual the importance of keeping the area clean and sound..


We have following safety precautions while working at height as it contains significant risks to every party involved.

  • We have scaffolding that contains toeboards, midrails and guardrails as well as brick guards if needed to stop any machinery or person falling from the edges and worksite.
  • We prepare proper floor boarding when we start working, to prevent falls between through ceilings and joists.
  • Ladders are tired up and secure so make sure the preventions of injuries and may installs stairs to the loft as soon as possible to provide safety entrance and exist.


Making sure your loft conversion is properly protected will keep your loft room warm in winter and cool in summers. As it will not only reduce the amount of CO2 output but will save a lot of money which will keep your heat bills low. All most all of the loft conversions in modern times requires high performance thermal insulation boards.

Types of Loft Conversions