It’s hard to find trustworthy bathroom fitters to install as it is a difficult job to be done, but IV construction proudly say’s we are the experts that you are looking for your bathroom fittings. We are not only good at fittings but we are affordable and we make sure the process completes smoothly.
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    House Renovations

    IV construction has a vast experience in flooring, as we are specialized in flooring, wooden flooring, and tilled floor and under floor heating. The material which will be used in your flooring will be provided by leading manufactures and 100% quality assurance will be provided. Our staff consist of complete range of fitting, refurbishment projects for clients domestic and commercial, we promise on time completion of projects. Let’s convert your dreams into reality. Get a quote now.

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    House Conversions

    It doesn’t matter that what the kind of renovation you need for your home or office, we have worked for a lot of clients, and we know how to make it look as good as new. Starting from the fire restoration to the exterior siding replacement, exterior painting, leasing renovations and a lot of more. We provide latest designs with creative renovation ideas and restoration solutions.

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    House remodeling

    When considering a loft conversion, the staircase is a major contributing factor. Although your new staircase will have to adhere to all building regulations, the design will still incorporate the aesthetics of your home. Using the available space to its fullest potential and creating a wonderful addition together with your loft conversion. Additionally, Absolute Lofts partners with the best staircase specialists The London Staircase Company who build beautifully unique staircases for our loft conversions.

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    Property refurbishments

    Restricted building work’ is work that’s critical to make a home structurally sound and weathertight. You must use Licensed Building Practitioners (LBPs) to design and carry out this work. LBPs must do or supervise this work.

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    Garage Conversions

    Modern construction now a day’s contains double & triple glazed windows as a key element. Previously windows were formally made in traditional styles and designs, Double and triple glazed windows has brought varieties of architectural, design and construction changes. Double and triple glazed has provided cost savings and highly durability and quality to the designs and constructions, here at IV construction we provide complete double and glazed building and construction services to our clients with in low prices.

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    Kitchen Extensions

    Kitchens made by us are the best renovation you will see, as our craftsmen have the experience and skill that is required for your kitchen renovation, we are affordable and reliable with latest designs and styles for your kitchen. We use only the highest standards of materials for your kitchen. Get a quote now.

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    IV construction takes interior design to another level with personalized designs, we let our clients decide what kind of design they are looking for as our designers and architectures are the best people who will find to do your interior designs. We can help you with your home no matter what so ever designs you are looking for.

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    Installing a new roof may be the single biggest investment a homeowner makes. If all goes well, it’s an investment that should last 20 to 30 years or longer. But that also makes it a big risk, because while there are many honest, knowledgeable roofers, there are also crooked and incompetent roofers.

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      The IV Construction Experience


      Creating your dream bedroom is simple with IV. We take care of you every step of the way, inspiring, advising, designing, and working with you to create beautifully stylish bespoke fitted wardrobes you’ll adore.

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      Free Design Visit

      Your Design Consultant will bring samples, create a hand drawn illustration showing how to maximize space, help you choose the best interior storage options, and provide the best quote.

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      Technical Survey

      Once you’ve placed your order, our Technical Surveyor will visit your home to check all aspects of your order. During their visit, they’ll produce a final Technical CAD pack, which will provide the final specification for both our factory and your Installation.

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      Management $ Development

      The goal of a listener or reader who engages with your text is to construct meaning from your words. He, or she, will either understand or misunderstand your intention.

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      professional Installation

      Our highly skilled Installer will expertly cut the furniture into your room, ascribing around the contours of your walls and ceilings to create a perfect and seamless fit.

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      Guarantee Place of mind

      We’re so confident in the quality of our fitted wardrobes, furniture and personalized storage solutions, we’ll give you a full 12-years product and installation guarantee.



        Where Can You Get A Bathroom Extension in London?

        You may be asking yourselves questions such as – Can I build a bathroom extension to the side of my house? Can I extend my houses to the side through the means of a renovated or new bathroom? Well, the smaller answer a is definitely yes, although there are a few things to keep in mind before hand, including the following:
        • The plumbing of your bathroom : This is important to keepes in mind if you are getting a bathroom tap extension, a bathroom faucet extension, or a bathroom drain extension.
        • Any electrical sockets which you may have: These are essential area to consider if you are getting a bathroom plug extension or a bathroom safe extension cord.
        • The style of the bathroom which you may want: Look to our following sections to know more about the same.

        Common Areas For a New Bathroom

        If you have space to spare, we recommend that you opt for a wets room and a walk-in-shower combo. This enable you to extend your already posh bathroom into more relaxing spaces. Neither wet room nor walk-in showers are very new in themselves, however, several designer revamp and re-launch the two factors to eliminate the problems traditionally associated with the wet rooms. This is to prevent your bathroom floor from being flooded and offers a greater area than your normal walk-in shower.
        One of the aspects of a bathroom which designers commonly miss or which house-owners often forgets is its storage. However, this is as important as any other feature of your washroom. If you want to stop clutter and not gobble up more regions of the floor, we recommend proper storage facilities. We recommend that alcoves are created for showering purposes, while built-in storage helps in providing much-needed place for jars and bottles.

        Other Things To Keep in Mind

        We recommend, as we always do, hiring a professional services for remodeling, revamping or re-adding a bathroom to your household. Such professional help can help you ascertain if you’re plumbing and electrical sockets are in the right place, both in the old and new or newly modified bathroom. Such professionals can even help you know if the hous even needs or can accommodates a new bathroom. To prevent unnecessary stress during the time or forcing extra pressure on your wallet, we recommend a pre-planned way to go about it.

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